"Two Old Gits"


Think of us as just a pair of old buffoons who had a good idea. Thirty years ago, we bought a Georgian terrace in London's Soho that we didn't know how to fix or what to do with.

Well, Hazlitt's is now one of the world's best known, best loved small hotels. The Rookery and Batty Langley's, equally central, are just as popular. So we must have got something right.

As you navigate this site of ours, why not just click on our picture whenever you see it?

Even now, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Enjoy your stay.


Humble pie – to eat

Georgians didn't have bathrooms, so we have created what we think they would have liked.

Cold shoulder – to give someone the

Toast - to drink a

Sedan Chairs


Elizabeth Cornock